When all is said and done, the perfect cup of coffee results from the barman's art. The most important people at Arcaffè are therefore the coffee machine operators the "Barista" in Italian. In order to qualify to serve you the perfect espresso, all Arcaffè baristas undergo rigorous training. To transform them into professional barmen, we established a training course that has become the benchmark of Israel's retail food industry, in particular concerning coffee. Our staff  get specialized training at Arcaffè's "Coffee University", where they must also pass strict examinations.


The course begins with a basic introduction to the fascinating field of international coffee cultivation: the coffee plant and its fruit; the various types of coffee and the usual ways of processing them. Then we teach the students about existing roasting procedures, and our special method of roasting the beans; finally, they learn the art of creating blends; and about the unique blend created by "Arcaffè Italia".

In the next phase, the barman is introduced to the world of preparing Italian coffee beverages, and how to operate the espresso machine. The training provides all the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to prepare the perfect cup of coffee, with intensive, supervised hands-on training so that the students can apply their knowledge and achieve a high professional standard. Only after a long training period does the fledgling barista begin working the machines, supervised by an instructor for hours and hours.


Over more than 10 years, we have qualified hundreds of baristas at our "Coffee University". They are all specialists in all the stages of coffee preparation: beginning with quality control of the roasting of the blends; through the grinding process and operating the coffee machines; how to froth the milk properly; controlling the water temperature and finally, the art of pouring the coffee into the cup. The result is that the standard of coffee served at Arcaffè is extremely high, even compared to other typical coffee and espresso bars around the world.