We had a very clear goal when we established the Arcaffè Bakery to bring you the very best there is. To do this, we learned the art of baking from the top bakers of the world. We adopted their secrets, their knowledge and their recipes through the entire baking process and ending with the correct and appropriate baking equipment. All the recipes and baking information were acquired through a series of expertise agreements in France and Italy, the purpose being to offer you the most authentic bakery items.

We began in Paris where we met Eric Kayser, one of France's top bakers. Together with him, we established our French bakery, based upon a know-how agreement signed way back in 1998. All the bakery equipment, the raw materials and the baking wizardry were copied from him, the aim being to recreate the exact, splendid flavor of French breads and baked goods and to offer our customers the same fine bakery items that are available on every street corner in Paris.

Our bakery uses only all-natural ingredients and butter. Our bread is baked using only our own natural sourdough starters, and with purified, filtered water. Eleven different types of flour, some imported from France, are used to create out bread menu. Each bread is created to exact specifications, using the appropriate flour. Other bakeries sometimes use the same flour type to bake all their breads, to which they then add flavorings. Our special raising chambers and brick ovens add that special home-baked flavor to the thousands of loaves we produce each day at our Poleg bakery.


From Paris we went to Milan. In 1996 we acquired the expertise on baking Italian foccacia breads, from the Camogli Bakery. The bakery owners, Francesco Vicava, have been baking foccacia breads for more than 30 years. In 1997 we learned how to bake real Ciabatta with the authentic airy bubbles that so characterize this bread from Giovanni Silini at the Silini Bakery.

To ensure maximum freshness, we employ various advanced baking processes and technologies, primarily the parbake system. Using the system enables us to produce fresh-baked bread and other bakery items at all our branches, hour by hour throughout the day. The system is based upon dividing the rising and baking process into two important periods: First, the bread rises and is partially baked at our central bakery; these are then delivered to the branches. There, the second and final stage takes place shortly before the point of sale and service to the customer.

All bakery items and every bread type have their correct baking times and temperatures in the ovens. The parbake system not only enables us to maintain a higher level of uniformity for the baked goods, but more important, ensures their premium freshness and peak flavor and crispness when served at the branches.

The result of the Arcaffè policy of offering our customers only the very best from around the world, means that all our breads whole-wheat, grains, cheese rolls, olive bread, country bread, French bread, nut rolls and Rustica bread and all our bakery items butter croissants, almond or chocolate croissants, brownies meet the highest demands of the Israel Standards for baking.