Our promise is that not only do we serve the perfect coffee, but also authentic Italian sandwiches and French bakery items items that fulfill the promise of a fine culinary experience, such as our brioche, baguette and croissants. All three are hand made to the exact standards of French expertise we have acquired over the years. Each year our bakery produces dozens of types of French breads, baguette and baked goods, all according to the recipes provided by Eric Kayser.


Similarly, we have acquired the recipes of various Italian master bakers, and carefully prepare classic, authentic Italian bakery items. Our bakery produces over 2,500 different bakery items and about 6,000 loaves of bread each day, which are then delivered to the branches. Products include whole-wheat bread, whole-grain bread, cheese rolls, olive bread, country-style bread, French bread, nut rolls, Rustica bread, butter croissants, almond croissants, chocolate croissants and more.

Our bakers use a wide range of different types of flour. There are three special, reliable machines to make two kinds of the natural sourdough rising agents used for producing the breads.


Besides the bakery, our patisserie is buzzing too, producing over 2,000 packages of cookies at least eight kinds 350 cakes, cheese cakes, chocolate cakes and others, and additional pastry items. Our famous brownies and the cream for the Parisian almond croissants are prepared here daily for fresh delivery each morning to all our branches.

The entire range of patisserie items is based upon recipes we acquired from Eric Kayser and other professional chefs with whom we cooperate in France, Italy and Israel.