The Fragrance of Arcaffé Fills the Air…

Arcaffé was founded in 1995 with the aim of bringing authentic Italian espresso bars to the Israeli consumers, Espresso bars in which you can satisfy your craving for freshly brewed, best-quality coffee along with scrumptious Italian sandwiches and delectable French pastries. The fresh aroma, the pleasant design and the quality of service, all contribute to the high reputation and prestige of Arcaffé.

The secrets of the coffee beans blending and roasting processes were acquired from the Meschini family from Livorno, Tuscany, who are one of the founders of “Arcaffé Italy”.  The secrets of the French pastries and bakery were acquired from the renowned baker, Eric Kaiser, the owner of the successful La Maison Kayser’s patisserie-boulangerie chain in France and in the world.

Setting up a roasting coffee factory and a French bakery in Israel, enables Arcaffé to recreate the exact replica of the authentic flavors and aromas of the Italian coffee blend and the delicious, French bread and pastries.


Arcaffé – The Flavor of Quality

From the very beginning, Arcaffé maintained the highest standards and uncompromising quality in all aspects of its activities, starting from the raw ingredients, through the design of the espresso bars to the highest level of service – in order to facilitate and ensure the most satisfying and authentic consumer experience.

Since the first branch was established in 1995 and to this day, Arcaffé opened 25 branches. Each and every branch is closely managed with the same high standards of Arcaffé’s guiding principles: finest, freshest ingredients, highest level of service and a cosmopolitan design combined with a relaxed homey atmosphere.

The Vision of Arcaffé
  • To ensure and maintain the authenticity level of the flavors and freshness of our products.
  • To continue and provide the perfect culinary experience to our variety of customers.
  • To provide high quality service and to establish a reliable relationship with our customers.
  • To continue to use the best, freshest ingredients.
  • To monitor and ensure the consistency of the service level and a uniform pricing policy in all Arcaffé’s branches.
  • Arcaffé plans to expand its business activity and open additional espresso bars as well as provide franchises.
  • The authenticity and high quality of the products, the efficient service and the pleasant design made Arcaffé the most prestigious coffee-espresso bar chain in Israel.