Arcaffé factory


 The core business infrastructure of Arcaffé chain takes place in the chain’s factory which is located in the Poleg suburb of Netanya and occupies a surface of 2,000 m2.

From the very beginning, Arcaffé realized that its own process of roasting, baking and food production, enables to offer the consumer an unforgettable experience that arouses the sense of taste and enriches it with a wonderful aroma.

The Roasting Center

The roasting center of Arcaffé chain ensures maximum freshness alongside meticulous supervision and uncompromising quality control.  The coffee blend is shipped from Arcaffé Italia to the factory in Israel where over 600 kilograms of coffee beans are processed and roasted everyday and then distributed, in a carefully monitored temperature, to Arcaffé ‘s branches throughout the country.

Arcaffé’s Staff is aware of the fact that the roasting process is an integral and crucial part of flavor quality and through comprehensive workshops, training and professional supervision at each stage (drying, roasting, cooling and packaging), the process is carried out with uncompromised expertise.

Quality Under One Roof

The chefs, pâtissiers and factory workers do not compromise on quality. The factory of Arcaffé is ideal for developing a new product line ranging from salads, sauces, to innovative and unique pastries and cakes.  The selection of exclusive, quality raw ingredients from around the world enables the chain to develop refined products.

110 competent workers and factory managers have been carefully selected to meet the uncompromising quality standards of the chain. Arcaffé factory in Israel is conducted in full compliance with the standards and practices that existed over 150 years at Arcaffé Italy.