The art of coffee

Art knowledge and skill

At Arcaffé, we select the coffee beans very carefully, quality beans that are rich in flavors and fragrances.
In order to serve you the perfect cup of coffee each and every time, we meticulously maintain and monitor the different production stages from selecting the coffee beans at the plantation, through the blending process to the human factor.

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Selecting the finest beans

As an integral part of our uncompromising quality approach, we use only selected Arabica coffee beans which are known for their rich flavor and aroma. The beans are grown in “boutique” plantations unique to Arcaffé and are not sold on international coffee markets. The method of growth is measured, precise and carefully supervised by Enrico Meschini himself, the owner of ” Arcaffé Italia”.

Hand-Picked Red Beans

In order to avoid mixing unripe coffee beans with the fine cherry-colored ripened ones, Arcaffè requires and ensures that only the finest beans be picked, by hand and one by one.

From Red Fruit to Green Coffee Beans

After selecting the finest red fruits, Arcaffé processes the coffee beans in four stages:
Separation of waste from the coffee beans, removal of outermost layers, drying the beans and, finally, stripping off the ‘silver’ skin that enrobes the coffee bean.

Creating the Unique Blend

The perfect flavor can only be attained by mixing several types of coffee beans. The blends that are sold by Arcaffé’s are a well guarded secret that makes Arcaffé the leading coffee shop chain in Israel.

Roasting and Cooling Processes Determine the Quality of the Coffee

The beans are roasted for about 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 200-250 degrees. Cooling is done by air in order to preserve the flavor and aroma.

Grinding – Freshness and Precision

Arcaffé’s careful and precise grinding process assures maximum freshness, fine aroma, divine flavor and the “crema” floating on the espresso. These are obtained by the close supervision of Arcaffè’s staff that checks the grinding standard several times a day.

The Human Factor

Now that the perfect blend is ready, the mission of the “barista” is to prepare the most precise and professional cup of coffee. Before they start serving you, Arcaffé’s staff undergo intensive, specialized training which makes them experts and artists in preparing your coffee.

The fragrance and flavor of quality ARCAFFÉ